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Automotive Audio / Video

Car Stereo

With todays technology changing every year your factory car stereo can become outdated very quickly. Luckily, the world of aftermarket radios has provided a remedy for this. Aftermarket radios greatly surpass the features of your factory radio for a fraction of the price making them a smart upgrade to any system that is lacking. With a new radio you can gain many features including:

-Auxiliary inputs to play all of your mobile devices music through

-Bluetooth hands free calling and wireless music streaming

-DVD player with rear video outputs*

-Smartphone integration providing you with features such as Carplay for iPhones and Android Auto for Android users, screen mirroring from select devices, and voice commands*

-Navigation with optional live traffic updates*

-USB inputs with charging capability

-Upgraded sound quality with outputs for after market amplifiers

- Satellite radio

*only available on select touchscreen radios

Speakers / Subwoofers

Not getting the sound you want out of your stereo system? Replace your factory speakers with aftermarket speakers to get the clarity you want from the brands you trust. Replacing your speaker is the most cost efficient way to upgrade your sound system and will add a whole new dimension to your music. No matter the system currently in your ride the sky is the limit with after market speakers.

Nearly 18% of the music you are already listening to is below the tone ranges your factory system is able to play. Add a subwoofer to bring out the low notes and really fill out your music. Aftermarket subwoofers range from non intrusive 10" slim line boxes for that little extra kick to the double 15" boxes which make sure you make a statement when you are cruising through your neighborhood. No matter what you're looking for we have it in stock and ready to go into your vehicle.



With a large selection of speakers and subwoofers comes an even larger selection of amplifiers to power them.Your probably thinking your radio is putting out enough power to push your brand new interior speakers right? Well if they are entry level speakers you are correct, but if you've decided you need a little more clarity in your life so you sprung for those high end speakers then you're going to need more power than that. You need an amplifier. Without the correct amount of power going to your high end speakers they are going to sound just like the entry level if not worse! Your new speakers are hungry for power that you just can't get from a radio alone.

Your new subwoofer needs and amplifier as well. Subwoofers require way more power than your standard interior speaker. That is where an amplifier comes in. Don't worry that it'll take up a lot of room in your vehicle. Most amplifiers are now digital and that means that the huge analogue amps of days past are finished. Digital amplifiers provide the cleanest power possible in the smallest package to date. Most no bigger than a cigar box. Make sure you talk to our knowledgeable staff before you purchase the biggest, baddest, most expensive amplifier you can find. We can help you figure out what your power needs are without breaking the bank.

Rear Seat Entertainment

Driving with children in the back seat can be difficult to say the least. Luckily there is a way to keep them entertained so you can keep your eyes on the road. Rear seat entertainment is not a new thing, but what if your vehicle didn't come from the manufacturer with that feature? You can add a ceiling mount monitor or headrests to virtually any vehicle. All of our rear seat products also come ready for wireless headphones so you can enjoy the radio while your passengers enjoy their movie or show. They can also be installed to play through your stereo system for the whole family to enjoy.

Reverse Cameras / Monitors / Collision Cameras

Add a backup camera to your vehicle for peace of mind when putting your car in reverse that there isn't anything behind you. Trouble parallel parking? Not a problem with a backup camera. With their wide angle lenses you will be able to see all the way from curb to street and everything in between.Choose between many styles to get the camera that works best for your vehicle and looks good doing it.

Adding a monitor to view you new backup camera has never been easier or looked so good. Replace your rearview mirror with a monitor with optional features like Bluetooth and navigation to make your new upgrade appear to be factory.

Afraid of insurance fraud while operating your vehicle? Add a collision camera with a built in DVR system and never be the victim to someone trying to get over on you again. Record every collision by adding more cameras to the system to get 360º coverage. The collision is automatically detected by the system and saved to an internal SD card which can be played back on your computer and saved for later use.

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