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CCTV Equipment / Install

Surveillance Cameras

Protect your home or busniess with a high quality surveillance camera system. All cameras we offer have IR night vision and adjustable angles. Optional 1080p recording is available as well.

Why buy a slew of cameras to cover different angles when one can do the job of eight? Cover your entire stock or show room with one camera! Wtih new 360º technology and mutli-recording functions one camera can record up to eight angles at the sametime. Don't like what your looking at? Change any of the angles on the fly in live time to make sure your getting the coverage you want.

Recording / DVR Systems

Make sure you have an easy-to-use way of reviewing your security camera footage with a DVR system. We have a large selection of DVR systems to ensure you get the right unit for your needs. Never miss a moment again!


Make sure you inquire as to our installation services. Call up and schedule a free on-site consultation and quote.  All equipment is on hand and ready to be installed in your home or office. Our install experts are also hands on with tutorials on the features of your new surveillance system.