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Below you will find a list of the hands on services we offer.

  • Vehicle Electronics Installation
    • Stereos
    • Amplifiers
    • Subwoofers / Interior Speakers
    • Alarms
    • Remote Starters
    • Video Headrests
    • Ceiling Mount Video Screens
    • CB Radios / Antennas
    • Auxillery FM Transmitter Inputs
    • Digital / Analogue Sound Processors
    • Backup Cameras
    • Rearview Mirror Monitors
    • DVR Recording Systems
    • Audio Backup Sensors
    • HID / LED Headlight Bulb Replacement
    • Interior LED Lighting Replacement
    • LED Bars / Worklights
    • Train / Air Horns
    • Radar Detectors
    • Diagnostic Labor
  • Custom Subwoofer Enclosures
    • Wood Enclosures
    • Fiberglass Enclosures
  • Boat Electronics Installation (Local Only)
    • Marine Grade Radios Receivers
    • Marine Grade Speakers
    • Marine Grade Amplifiers
    • Marine Grade Subwoofers
  • Digital Scanner Programming
    • General Programming
    • Customer Tailored Programming
  • CCTV On-site Installation (Free On-site Quotes)
    • Cameras
    • DVR Systems
  • Transponder Bypass Programming
    • DEI Bypass Programming
    • Flash Logic Bypass Programming
    • Fortin Bypass Programming
  • Club Sound System Installation (Free On-site Quote)
    • Full Sound Systems
  • Vehicle Electronics Bench Testing
    • Stereo System Component Diagnostics
  • Radio Repair Logistics (Fees apply where necessary)