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Installation Accessories

Radio Dash Kits / Wiring Harnesses / Antenna Adapters

In order to change out your factory radio, integration parts are required. That is why we use the best in the business. Metra has been making high quality for the better part of a century and it shows. Made with high grade materials and a huge selection, their install parts are hard to beat. Everything you need can be found under our roof with over 1000 dash kits, harnesses, and antenna adapters in stock. If we don;t have it in stock most parts are available within the next business day. For more information and an application to look up your specific vehicle check out thee Metra's website in the link below.

Amplifier Kits / Wire

Installing an amplifier has never been easier with a full wiring kit. High quality copper wiring and RCA's provide a clean signal for your music which means you get more power and a better sound. No matter your set up we have the appropriate wiring kit. All wire connectors included on the full kits. We also offer wire off the roll for the times you just need a few feet.

Installation Accessories

For those of you that know how to install your products on your own, we are your one stop shop for installation parts. All of your connection accessories can be found in our installers corner along with tools and meters. Everything and installer would need to get the job done.

Gel Cell Batteries

Lights dimming when your bass drops? How about your amplifier cutting off entirely? Sounds like you are having power issues. The fix for this is adding more power storage. Adding an extra battery to your system not only keeps your lights from dimming, they also provide your amplifiers with the power that they are rated at. When your system draws too much power your 1000 watt amplifier can quickly turn into a 700 watt amp because the voltage from your battery is dropping. With an extra battery your system will stay at the 14 volt your amp is rated at which means your always sounding your best.

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